Hathising Jain Derasar


I am providing architectural services since 1974 and have worked with well-known organizations across India. I have inherited architectural skills from my father LATE SHRI Chamanlal Keshavlal Sompura who had worked on many temple architecture projects assigned by largest and oldest Jain trust – Ananji Kalyanji Trust founded around 1630-40 AD. I am as much vigorous as individual members of our team. Every project is a joint effort of me and my team comprising of a number of skilled craftmans, sculptures, designers who seek to further define the divine Temple Architecture, leading the way ahead, with traditional as well as modern design concept with distinctive and unique work approach, striving to uphold the design and architecture process, seeking to personify, than surpass my client’s vision.


Ours is a leading team, in Temple Architecture as well as Restoration Projects with creative and in-depth knowhow in the qualified field. Our leadership team patiently listens, collectively collaborates and emotionally embraces ideas that push the design process for gorgeous and lovely restoration.


Because of my special inclination for Temple Architecture, I build separate teams specifically for each project I undertake, and each team remains dedicated to each project, from start to finish. Every team member strives to contributes, every day to every project, for attaining the best results, expected.