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Muleva Parshwanath Temple


Aadinath Jain Temple


Aadinath Jain Temple – Front Gate


Makshiji Tirth Temple Main Gate


Sheth Shri Motishah’s

Ajitnath BhagwanTemple 


Bhagwati Bhawtani Devi Temple


Shirror Jain Temple


Shri Thakorji Temple


Atul Shri Vasupujya Temple


Shri Shakti Peth Chamunda Mata Temple


Soni Parivar – Vansh Vruksh


Bunglow – Stone


Shri Parasmani Soc Jain Temple



Relief Rd, Ahmedabad


Swar Gate, Pune


Swar Gate, Pune


Makshiji, Madhya Pradesh


Sojitra, Gujarat



Amlia, Madhya Pradesh


Ahmednagar, Maharastra


Sirohi, Rajasthan


Valsad, Gujarat


Jasdan, Rajkot


Faridi, Kutch


Koba, Ahmedabad


Sabarmati, Ahmedabad

Client Name


Hutheesing Kesarising Trust


Adinath Jain Temple Trust


Adinath Jain Temple Trust


Sheth Anandji Kalyanji Pedhi


Sheth Anandji Kalyanji Pedhi &

Sheth Shri Moti Shah Trust


Orient Paper Mill Ltd


Shirror Jain Sangh


Kandelwal Trust


Atul Limited


Thadesar Soni Parivar


Thaser Parivar Kutchi Soni


Dr. Nimish Patel


Parasmani Jain Sangh


Muleva Parshwanath Jain Temple - Ahmedabad


Around 400 hundred years old and situated in the heart of Ahmedabad City at Relief Road, Shri Muleva Parshwanath alias Moriya Parshwanath Jain Temple’s structure was in a good and decent condition. During the year 1973, Sheth Shri Kasturbhai Lalbhai decide to expand the dome area by adjoining temple’s parts of East, West and South according to Shilpshastra without moving the main idol of lord and also to use stone specifically of Balesar, Rajasthan.


The contract of the above said work was assigned to my father Late Shri Chamanlal Keshavlal Sompura by Sheth Hutheesing Keshrising Trust – Under instruction and supervision of Trustee Shree Surottambhai Purshottambhai Hutheesing. In the construction of the temple, first time in India the stone of Balesar, Rajasthan was used which were 17.5 foot long beams. The domes and beams were designed, constructed and sculptured which have estimated 80 tons of weight supported by four pillars of the temple. The design of the temple is considered unique among the other Jain Temples in India.


In August 1974 due to sad demise of my father the work assigned to him had been satisfactorily completed by me.       






Aadinath Jain Temple & Front Gate


Swar Gate, Pune


The temple work was started by my father Chamanlal Keshavlal Sompura using stones from Rajasthan’s TIWARI, BALESAR as well as stones from Porbandar. The work also included constructing main gate, RAYAN PAGLA, GHANTAKARN DEV, DEV KULIKA. The temple’s cellar under main dome was constructed without using beams and according to ancient technique.












Atul Shri Vasupujya Temple - Valsad Gujarat



















Shri Shakti Peth Chamunda Temple – Jasdan, Rajkot



















Shree Mahavir Swami Jain Temple – Ahmedabad


The main object in the wish list of constructing this temple according to Acharya Shri Ashoksagar Suri Maharaj was to complete the project in 87 days. The work was completed by me in 81 days which holds a record in temple construction.





Shree Gagan Vihar Jain Temple – Ahmedabad


The temple was built by using the changed materials from Shree Muleva Parshvanath Jain Temple. The temple was constructed in the premises of Gagan Vihar Flats. Later the temple was beautifully layered with decorative glass pieces by the trustees of the temple.





Shiroor  Jain Temple (Ghod Nadi)  – Pune


The temple work consist of re-constructing domes by using specific BALESAR, Rajasthan’s stone.








Shree Ajitnath Bhagwan Jain Temple  – Sojitra, Kheda


The home temple of Shree Motisha is by now Shree Ajitnath Derasar. Shri Kasturbhai Lalbhai president of Sheth Anandji Kalyanji Trust and Shree Mothisha Jain Charitable Trust Mumbai allotted the work to me. The temple has been constructed using stones from Dhangadra and completed the work in 7 months.



























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